Yep, I'm ready to email you!

I'm a Nashville family and intimate wedding photographer ready to hear your story. Here's a little bit of my story...

I was born and raised in a small, northwest Wisconsin city (population 1200). Yes, what you may be thinking is true. Life in Wisconsin is all about cheese, beer, The Packers, lots of cold weather and hearing people say 'eh' and 'you betcha'. 

Growing up, my mother often had a camera in her hands. She excelled in photography during her high school years and went on to work for the local newspaper. One might say 'photography was in my blood' before I came along. As a young girl, I remember the family gatherings with everyone crowded around my grandparents kitchen table. Photographs were spread out everywhere. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents holding up printed images while trying to recall the year, time and place. There was so much laughter and so many great stories. The time spent around that table is priceless to me. Most of those photos have been passed on to me and it's an honor to have them.

Music had always been my creative outlet. I took piano lessons for seven years, taught myself guitar, sang to every song on the radio and was determined to be the next Trisha Yearwood. As I entered into junior high, my new obsession was film photography in the school dark room.  Seeing people's stories come to life in those trays of developing chemicals was exhilarating! 

As much as I loved photography, the music won and I moved to Nashville in 2002. It took seven years of working in the music business before I realized that my true passion and calling was telling people's stories through photography. 

One day I picked up a camera and my entire world shifted. Photography has taught me so much about relationships, connection, trust and being vulnerable. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and connected, a shift happens and relationships deepen and become stronger. I'd like to guide you through your photography process by creating an experience for you. 

Hi friend, I'm Darcy

Darcy always makes us feel very comfortable and natural in front of her camera. We always feel the final product is going to be one that we take pride in. There's never any doubt that our images will turn out amazing from our wedding to every family photo session.

-The Gray Family

From our first meeting, we didn't have to worry about photography.

It was amazing to see all the emotion and energy that cam through in the pictures.

- Mary
mother of the bride.