Nashville Family Photographer

A Photography Experience That Makes Family Bonds Stronger

A Photography Experience That Makes Family Bonds Stronger

Nashville Family Photographer

A Photography Experience That Makes Family Bonds Stronger

Nashville Family Photographer

Ways That Will Inspire Your Family Session.


The world shows us perfectly curated social media accounts of what they think pregnancy, motherhood, fatherhood and family photos should look like. However, most of the time those photos don't reveal real life. 

There's sleep deprivation, breast milk leakage, fussy babies, spit-up, diapers that need changing, toddlers with tears from a sibling that took their toy and kids that will fall and get dirty. To all of this I say, let go and embrace it. These years fly by in the blink of an eye. Let them be little as long as you can. 

Your family session is about embracing life and I'm here to encourage you and support you every step of the way.

Family photo sessions can be incredibly exciting, although planning the logistics can be exhausting. What will everyone wear? Where will the session take place? What if the weather doesn't cooperate? How many photos will I be receiving?

Stop and take a deep breath. You're already a superhero because you're a parent (or one to be)! I'll walk you through a process where all your questions are answered and you can focus on having a relaxed family session. Let me invite you into a raw and candid conversation where you tell me about you and your family. No two families are alike. Your story is unique and I'm listening whole heartedly. Our first phone call together is filled with questions of me getting to know you and your family, you getting to know why I do what I do, and how I can best serve you. 

Intentional Listening and Communication

Embrace and Encourage

Ways That Will Inspire Your Family Session.


Most photographers think family sessions are about showing up and shooting good images. I have learned through the years that photographing great images comes down to the relationship and trust I build with my clients.

It's so important for us to meet prior to our session. I'll drop by if you're local or hop on zoom if not. Meeting is really helpful for families with young toddlers or kids. I'm a huge advocate of 'stranger danger', so a familiar face the day of is super helpful.

I've built a process for us to keep cultivating a relationship after the session. I'm here, readily available to answer any questions that you have and how I can serve you.

If you watch or talk to anyone who's been a parent and has a child, then you know there's rarely a moment to sit. There's always work to do. 

I don't want your family session to feel rushed and hurried. Instead, I'm here to help you feel stress free, so you can feel and be present with your family in the best way possible. Over the years, I've realized that talking more in-depth about your family can help clarify your vision. This helps you and me show up to the day feeling more organized to have the family photography experience you want to have. 

Connection and Trust

Being Present

Every parent has that "perfect family photograph" on their list. However, photographing a genuine moment with you and your loved ones is always better than any posed photograph.

During your family session, I take the role of a director instead of posing you like mannequins. Family sessions are about genuine interaction between you and your little ones. I'm here to direct you so you can have a natural experience with one another. Those unposed moments always turn into images that you fall more in love with.

Those genuine family photos are best captured in the place that are most familiar to your family. Do you feel a little lost where to have your session? Let's talk about it more in depth.

Unposed Family Session

I'm Ready... I Want You To Meet My Family!

I'm ready for you to tell our story...
let's connect!

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The Pricing Details


Let's Make It Happen!

Family photography is important to me because of all the photographs I hold from my childhood. They tell my story and I want YOU to hold YOUR story.

After you contact me, we'll find a time to talk on the phone where I will walk you through all the info, talk about what you want to hold after your session is finished and find out more about your family.

Family sessions require $300
at the time of booking, which gets you on my photography calendar and reserves your spot.

What's next? The planning and probably a dance party GIF! Let's talk about your ideas and what you tangibly want to hold in your hands at the end of  your family photography experience. 

let's start planning!


Moving forward is easy. I'll email all the proper info. You don't have to print a thing. A signed contract and a $300 retainer secures your family photography session. 

secure your date


 Let's get on the phone, connect and spend time making sure we are the right fit for one another.  This phone call is about how I can serve you and your families photography needs best.

let's talk


Is what you see, read and feel resonating with you? If yes, that's awesome! Relationships matter greatly to me and because of this I photograph a limited number of families per year. Go ahead and hop over to the contact form.



hotography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. - Aaron Siskind.

Have you thought about where you will display your photographs after your family session? Did you know that seeing your photos displayed in your home raises your serotonin (happy brain cells) levels?

I'd be honored to help you design a photography space in your home using my custom framing tools. You'll know which photos you want and in what size after some quick measurements.

Do you wonder why your prints matter? Click on the photo and read why.