Nashville Wedding Photographer

A Photography Experience That Enriches Your Relationship

A Photography Experience That Enriches Your Relationship

Nashville Wedding Photographer

Nashville Wedding Photographer

A Photography Experience That Enriches Your Relationship

Ways That Will Inspire Your Intimate Wedding or Elopement.


The moment you get engaged can be so exciting! It can also be the time you start to hear what everyone else thinks you should do for your wedding. You wrestle with what you want to do and what others think you should do.

I'm here to help you craft a wedding you truly desire. Your dream wedding might be just the two of you or 50 people. It might be on family land or on a mountain top. Do you want to elope and wake up next to one another on the day you say your vows?  Do you prefer not seeing your sweetheart until the moment you're walking down the aisle?

Whatever you want is what I'm here to empower you to do and I'll be ready to support you every step of the way.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. Maybe you're at the point now where you have done as much as you can, but you're not sure what other questions to ask. Let me invite you into a real, intentional, raw conversation where we rip down the walls together. This is where we dig into who you two are. You have a unique story unlike anyone else's and I'm listening. Our first phone call together is filled with questions of me getting to know you, you getting to know why I do what I do, and how I can best serve you. You can expect serious heartfelt questions and completely off-the-cuff silly questions. It's my way of finding out how I can tell your story as if I'm living it from the inside looking out.

Intentional Listening and Communication

Encouragement and Empowerment

Ways That Will Inspire Your Intimate Wedding or Elopement.


Most photographers think weddings are solely about showing up and shooting good images. What I have learned through the years is that capturing great images ultimately comes down to the relationship and trust I build with my clients. Because of this, I have created a process for us to cultivate a meaningful connection as I'm serving you throughout your engagement season and wedding. 

I'm readily available to answer any questions that you have. We can also set up check-in points for us to talk about where you are in the process and how I can serve you every step of the way.

If you talk to anyone who's gotten married before, they'll more than likely tell you their day went by in the blink of an eye. I don't want your day to feel rushed and hurried. Instead, I'm here to help you feel stress free so you can feel and be present and experience this day in the greatest way possible. Over the years, I've realized that co-creating a timeline really helps my clients clarify their vision.

Therefore, you will feel more organized and carefree to have the wedding day you desire. I'll be there every step of the way to make sure this happens.

Connection and Creativity

Being Present

Getting posed not only feels awkward, but it almost always looks awkward. (unless it's during family formal photos). I'm here to make sure you not only feel comfortable, but also look incredible in your images. In order to do this, we build a relationship during our journey so we are beyond comfortable together on your wedding day. During your portraits, I take the role of a director instead of posing you like mannequins.

I do understand that parents and grandparents usually want a posed formal photograph. Plus, they are beautiful generational photographs. Let's take a moment to get their request.

Unposed and Directed

I'm Ready...Let's Get Going!

I'm ready for an adventure...
let's connect!

Is an engagement session something you value?

For most photographers, an engagement session lasts about an hour or so and it's just another 'thing' to check off the wedding photography list. Your engagement session should be an experience. It might last two, three or four hours. It might be an all day adventure. It's really up to you. Let's hop in the car and go somewhere that speaks to you. Somewhere you feel alive and free. If we get hungry or thirsty we'll stop for a bite and get to know each other even more. I don't want to rush through your engagement session as if it's on a checklist or be the wedding photographer you meet for the first time on your wedding day. My desire is to know you on a much deeper level. My goal is to be a part of your family telling your story from the inside out.

The Pricing Details


Let's Make It Happen!

After your elopement or wedding, the way you re-live and cherish your day most is through your wedding album and photographs. It's the ONLY thing that can and will last a lifetime.

I offer intimate weddings (less than 25 people), elopements and traditional wedding collections. Collections begin at $1900.

Destination elopements and destination wedding collections are custom created JUST FOR YOU
and include all travel expenses. 

Please inquire for collection pricing.

What's next? The planning and probably a dance party GIF! Let's talk about your ideas and what you tangibly want to hold in your hands at the end of  your photography experience. 

let's start planning!


Moving forward is easy. I'll email all the proper info. You don't have to print a thing. A signed contract and a 50% retainer secures your date. 

secure your date


 Let's get on the phone, connect and spend time making sure we are the right fit for one another.  This phone call is about how I can serve you best leading up to your big day.

let's talk


Is what you see, read and feel resonating with the two of you? If yes, that's awesome! Relationships matter greatly to me and because of this I have a limited number of elopements and weddings per year. Go ahead and hop over to the contact form.