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long after the day ends.

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Every photographer will say taking photos isn’t just taking photos. 

It isn’t simply showing up and clicking when beautiful things happen or someone says something that everyone laughs at. Taking pictures does what we all wish we could do - it stops time. 

It freezes what happens so instantly and keeps it alive as life keeps rushing forward.

Frame by frame, photos catch the visceral experience and emotions of an event, milestone or celebration and allow us to keep them close long after they’ve passed. They offer us the gift of returning to some of our most meaningful days and nights so we can step back in and feel them again.

For 10 years, this has been my work as a photographer.

I’ve documented milestone events for clients like Montgomery Bell Academy, Bankers Life and The Brett Boyer Foundation while also witnessing the more sentimental and familial side of things with 90th birthday celebrations, Christmas parties and surprise marriage proposals alongside deeply emotional baby showers and baptisms.

Every time I step into a room with a camera, I can feel the current and movement of life.
It’s what I’m there to feel, see, document and, ultimately, give back to my clients. 

Darcy Ferris

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