The weather predicted storms for the entire day. When I arrived at for Benji + Ayn Marie’s Arrington Vineyards intimate wedding in the early afternoon, not a drop of rain had fallen yet. We all had our fingers crossed. As Benji + Ayn Marie walked hand in hand to the the ceremony site, the sky […]

Childhood encompasses simplicity and a great wonder at Cumberland Park. Two things in life that everyone should never run out of. That could be why I enjoy capturing family sessions with little ones so much. Their curiosity is endless and the simplest of things amuse them. The McNeil Family was in town from CA for the […]

I had just started my photography business when I met Kylie in 2012. She started serving at the restaurant I was working at. I’d learn that she grew up in northern Illinois and before long a yankee bond was formed. =) We often joked that we come from ‘hardy stock’ since we both have a little […]

Casey + Alissa are that ‘rad’ couple that everyone knows and loves. They know all the latest styles and can wear any thing and look trendy. It wasn’t any different on their wedding day. Alissa’s glow of anticipation as she walked up to Casey during their first look was almost more than my camera (and I) could […]

I first met Nathan and Emily at George and Lauren’s gorgeous wedding at (a friend of theirs whose wedding I photographed). We would eventually meet-up in Columbia at Muletown for coffee and for me to hear about their love story. Since their wedding is going to be at Meadow Hill in October, we also did their Meadow Hill […]