engaged couple walk their German Shepard dog

Spring Hill Photographer – Michael and Ashley

It all started for Michael and Ashley at work in Spring Hill, Tennessee. They had noticed each other several times, but there was never a conversation between them. Then one day, Ashley received a facebook friend request from Michael. She wasn’t sure if she should befriend him since they had never talked. Reluctantly, she accepted his request. A couple weeks later, Michael made his way over to her desk. ¬†Ashley vividly recalls Michael wearing a teal shirt with a custom black and gray hat. What really grabbed her attention was his piercing, gorgeous blue eyes. There was small talk which progressed into Michael talking about lakes and possibly buying a boat. She thought he was solely trying to impress her with talk about buying a boat. He would need to do better since she already owned a boat. He asked if she wanted to hang out and she said yes!

Their first date was for chicken wings and a trip to Bass Pro Shop. However, Ashley told Michael the most important date would be with Chevy, her fur child. It would be the end of the road for Michael if Chevy didn’t like him. Michael thought Ashley was joking, but she was totally serious. Before Michael met Chevy, Ashley warned him not to put treats in his pockets. Lucky for all involved, Chevy warmed up to Michael almost immediately. They’ve grown to be “best buds”. Micheal and Ashley spend most of their time together on the water fishing or tubing. They love weekend trips and “hole -in-the-wall” restaurants.

Their proposal is my favorite part of their story because it involves Chevy. Ashley is originally from Michigan and in July Michael and her were back home to visit her family at the lake. Ashley’s aunt stopped for a visit. Her aunt had a surprise for her since Ashley had just been promoted at work. Ashley closed her eyes and when she opened them, Micheal was down on one knee with Chevy by his side. Chevy wore a sign around his neck that said “mommy will you marry daddy”? Ashley instantly started crying while saying yes. It was the perfect proposal in her favorite spot.

For their Spring Hill, TN engagement photos we went to the MARS dog park walking trail area. Ashley and Michael wanted Chevy to be a part of their session and I’m all about including the fur babies. Chevy was right at home at the park and such a good boy.

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Location : Mars Dog Park and Walking Trails